Secret Chapel

This one-of-a-kind relic is a 17th Century chapel located opposite the Opera House, offering a realm of quiet divinity nestled between the Amstel and Rembrandt Square. The chapel measures just four by four meters. There is eight meter gallery space above overlooking the altar on three sides. The interior is decorated in rococo and the plaster ceiling and with frolicking cherubs above the altar, waking up under this altar is a once in a lifetime experience, in a king sized luxury bed hugged in Hungarian down duvet and organic Egyptian cotton sheets and a sea of pillows.

Founded in 1744 and restored in 1979, it is a unique space for an intimate gathering right next to some of the city’s best cultural offerings and most beautiful canals. The Swigtershofje is one of the smallest of Amsterdam’s courtyards, with eighteen houses in the former Speelman Lane. They provided housing for a total of 36 women. In 1751, Swigters was at the bar in ‘t Oogsteeg and decided to turn it into a chapel. As a Roman Catholic chapel on the street should not be recognized as such, the façade was hidden. The ornate gate in Louis XV style and corridor give access to the courtyard. In 1979 the chapel was restored to its former state and came into our care a few years later.