Mayer Manor

Our magnus opus, a 500 m2 mansion spread over 4 floors with 11 distinct rooms, a multifunctional space for a unique event. Originally a 15th century monastery this impressive building has a wealth of history. The manor has a state of the art multi-room sound system, hardwood floors, evocative decor, vintage copper hot-tubs, and 18th century fireplaces. The recently restored Mayer Manor combines turn of the century inspired interiors with provoking curiosity at every turn.

The Mayer Manor is built on layers of history dating back to the 1400s, starting with it being a women’s convent for The Third Order of Franciscans.In the 17th century the street started accommodating shops and companies enjoying bustling business. Soon cafes emerged and Nes became a well known and busy street. By the 19th century the area evolved into an entertainment centre, a place to be seen. Besides brothels there were café chantants (singing cafes), Tivoli and cafes for artists, it used to have a famous Salon des Variétés, this was a small, luxurious theatre where people could drink and smoke during shows.

Later it became a centre for the tobacco trade. It was in 1881 that Nico A Mayer applied for a building to build his tobacco firm, Mayer & Co and he went on to be one of the biggest tobacco traders in Amsterdam. You can still find the historic stained glass and cash register signage belonging to his legacy. In 2013, after a three-year renovation, the new interior was inspired by last century’s art deco style.