Time travel to the time of Prohibition with a secret password ready for the door

A buzzer opens a secret door revealing a strange world, as if it existed within some twilight universe, where master mixologists concoct artisanal cocktails under dim lights and blacked-out windows. The patrons rubbing elbows as they savour these unique creations in 4-piece suits and prestigious bowler hats. 

There is some commotion in the back of the room, seems the bassist arose from his bourbon fueled stupor and the room is about the light up with the hottest jazz quartet in town. In the private parlour there are roulette tables and high-stakes poker games in a private parlour with a roaring fireplace to thrill you. 

Surrounded by your closest friends dressed better than JD Rockefeller himself, let your curiosity guide you through this immersive night. You may wake up a little rough around the edges, as if returning from a heavy dream, until the memories of your night at a speak easy will make you smile with joy.