Smokey Jazz

Let your feet tap and head sway as you jive to the hottest jazz in town

Enter a mansion as a film noir detective with a case to solve, dust off your best fedora and grab your investigator’s magnifying glass. Restoring the authentic feel of a smokey jazz club from a bygone era. The doors to an art-deco manor open for you, with the crème de la crème of the underground jazz scene tuning their instruments for an extravaganza you will not forget.

Come along for the ride and experience a night unlike no other where the ‘known’ meets the unexpected. The best tunes from a classic jazz quartet line up for a night boosted with freshest jazz. If your foot is already tapping and body swaying to a melody right now, then give us a head nod and our team will put the show on for you. Just be careful to not disrespect the local mob boss of this club, he is short-tempered and tensions can run high.