Circus Carnivale

Calling all Clowns, Lion tamers, Strongmen, Illusionists and Dancers; run away from the chaos, join the Circus Carnevale

As outlaws of modern society we decided to build our own little imaginary world. One where the air is filled with just magic. One where we all show our most beautiful arts. One filled with merely music and the joyful sounds of laughter.

Imagine a land full of trapeze artists, acrobats, illusionists, exotic dancers, lion tamers, fire performers, extraordinary freaks… Not just a Circus, but a family that creates laughter and awe.

Explore your circus performer self within a curated carnivale held in a precious and intimate mansion containing a penthouse bedroom in the attic, copper baths, fire places and marble dinner tables. The basement houses a dance floor, barbershop, wellness and more exclusive rarities. The perfect stage for magic, clownery and tom-foolery.

Come dressed in full extravaganza, the stage is all yours. Dress to express, dress to impress, dress to immerse yourself in this theatrical experience. 

You’d love to earn the biggest applause, right?